Dear Guests ...

It is with great sadness that my Mum [Anthea] has made the decision to sell Villa 118, it has been a hard decision to make but with Bill's dementia and the sad news of my brothers [Rob] brain tumour we have as a family decided to lock away the memories we all have made at villa 118 and hopefully make some new ones with both Bill and Rob at the English seaside.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to all that have stopped at villa 118 and enjoyed Las Brisas and Lanzarote as we have. We will be eternally grateful that you have respected the villa as your own whilst stopping there.

As for a lot of us in life facing sad time's ahead either in the sunshine, rain or snow, embrace life, hug each other, love each other and dance like everybody is watching!!!!

With all our love Niki, Anthea and Family.